Nadine Chetty-Khan

073 921 7045

Nadine Chetty-Khan is a Chartered Accountant with 7 years industry experience within the financial services sector. She completed her articles at Old Mutual in 2017 and her relevant experience during articles includes working as an analyst at Alternative Investments and Old Mutual Specialised Finance.

After completing her articles at Old Mutual, Nadine joined Old Mutual Titan, a global equities boutique within the Old Mutual Investment Group. She has also previously worked at investment managers Laurium Capital and Mazi Global.

Nadine is an avid learner and is passionate about analysing different companies to understand how they create value for stakeholders. Her current interest is in ESG analysis. In addition to her enjoyment of analysing numbers, Nadine has an entrepreneurial spirit, which furthers her passion of researching companies. She has gone on to complete an Entrepreneurship and Marketing course with StartUp School.